Every game may be run by whatever rules the game manager sets. The rules below are provided as a default set of guidelines that should be assumed unless instructed otherwise.


Players may work with team members to solve problems in accordance with the spirit of the game. The materials allowed for a given game are ultimately defined by the game manager based on the circumstances and goals for their event. Assume the guidelines below apply if not told otherwise.

Form of answers

All answers are judged against the exact text configured by the game manager. As a result, any answer that does not match exactly will be incorrect. Note that this does not relate to the specific content of a question or the process to reach a final answer. Instead, "answer" in this context is specific only to the final text submitted by a team.

Unless a game or question specifies a different form of answer, assume all answers follow the guidelines below:

Running your own games

Interested in running your own games for your classroom or club? Reach out to